Service Quality

GeoVille has established an internal quality management and reporting system following ISO 9001 standards customised for the geospatial industry. The system is designed to meet the demands of client needs on local, regional, national and international levels.

All processes aim at ensuring that client requirements are met right from the start of every project. The quality management system of GeoVille, which was first implemented in 1999, was certified in 2010. ISO 9001 certification has been carried out by Quality Austria - a member of the International Certification Network (IQNet).

Product Quality

Precision is our profession - we see it as our duty to deliver all geo-information products with a known level of accuracy. GeoVille has standardised quality assessment procedures for all types of spatial data. Quality assessments provide users with the evidence that a specific product or service yields useful information with a known quality.


The quality criteria are intended to increase the users' understanding of product quality and product design:

  • Support the users’ work: integration in users’ procedures
  • Service orientation: transparent production chain
  • Reliability: known production method, independent quality control, limitations specified
  • Applicability: completeness, timeliness, sufficient resolution  
  • Sustainability of the data systems: INSPIRE compliant, interoperability, meta data

For raster products, GeoVille’s product quality flags are now available per pixel level, providing the capacity to integrate accuracy in pixel-based modelling approaches.

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