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GI Systems and Platform Interfaces

Information system development

With a focus on EO supported solutions for land monitoring and modelling, we…

  • translate our client’s requirements and visions into feasible and affordable solutions
  • develop and efficiently employ technical tools and underlying methodological concepts for given solutions
  • design and define new solutions with a focus on ease of use
  • offer economically realistic and versatile license models

Database design

Spatial database design is key to efficient organisation, management, and output of geo-information in our projects. GeoVille has built up expertise in database design from the very beginning.

Database design needs to consider the properties and geographical extent of all inserted and produced data sets, depending on the present and possible future information requirements of the user. It has to facilitate the handling and co-analysis of EO data from different air- and space-borne devices, other geo-spatial data as well as statistical and map annotation data.

Software development

GeoVille has the expertise to develop powerful and reliable software solutions. The resulting software encompasses self-standing programmes or tools implemented as extensions into well-known commercial or open source GIS programmes, such as ArcGIS and QGIS. The developed software is designed to support visualisation, analysis, interpretation, verification, and validation of geo-data and derived geo-information for a smoother workflow.

Application Programming Interface (API)

The distribution of our analytical processing capacities is realised via different channels to accommodate the needs of the different user types. Usability is key in fostering the user uptake of data services; thus, we offer a wide range of interfaces and functionalities.

Providing dedicated Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) enables our clients to integrate our production chains or services into their operated IT systems via flexible B2B and B2C licenses. This enables companies and end users to easily exploit our capacities.

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