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At present, GeoVille employs a staff of more than 60 experts and consultants who graduated in Earth sciences and Informatics from universities in Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The educational background of the GeoVille team spans the entire range of natural sciences, such as geography, spatial planning, agriculture, forestry, biology, and oceanography, to a broad diversity of technical sciences including physics, mathematics, statistics and informatics, as well as economy and applied law. Key emphasis is on remote sensing and GIS, including strong analytical, statistical and numerical processing expertise and web-based IT technologies.

Dr. Christian Hoffmann, CEO

Christian is an Earth observation enthusiast holding a doctorate degree in Cartography from the University of Vienna. He has over 25 years of experience in Earth observation and GIS applications working for the United Nations, the European Commission and Intergraph. In 1998, he founded GeoVille Information Systems and Data Processing GmbH with the vision to remap the unknowns of human activities around the world to provide better data for decision making and risk management. In its 19 years of operation, he formed GeoVille to the number one SME in Europe for Land Monitoring with a very active role in the European Commission’s Copernicus programme.

At GeoVille, Christian is responsible for strategy consulting and the ongoing growth and business of GeoVille. As the Managing Director of GeoVille he leads the company strategy and sets the frame for GeoVille to be a forerunner in next generation Earth observation solutions.

Dr. Andreas Walli, Commercial Director

More than 20 years of global experience in leadership, excellence and innovation in satellite based earth observation services and novel information solutions. As former Stanford University staff he led the marine remote sensing group for 7 years, received a PhD. in satellite oceanography from the University of California and has a Silicone Valley trained mindset. Andreas has a profound understanding of the involved mechanisms between satellite operators, space agencies as well as the commercial industries for serving applications to public and private organisations. Through this key expertise he became an ultimate enabler of the European space application industry.

At GeoVille his responsibility spans strategic business development, legal affairs, sales as well as promotion and marketing. With his team Andreas offers land monitoring information solutions to fulfil multi-sector requirements in support of better living.


Mag. Jürgen Weichselbaum, Operations Director

Jürgen is a passionate Earth observation professional with more than 20 years of industry experience and specialised knowledge in remote sensing solutions, geospatial information technologies and environmental monitoring applications. Jürgen holds a Master’s degree of Geography and Spatial Planning from the University of Vienna and is fully committed to grow GeoVille to a global leader in satellite-based land monitoring. In times where Earth observation is on the brink of a revolution, he believes that satellites boost and diversify the understanding of our planet.

Jürgen started his professional career in 2001 and joined GeoVille as an Earth observation and GIS expert in 2002. In 2006, he took over the lead of the Technical Department and was promoted to GeoVille’s Technical Director in 2008. Since 2021, Jürgen acts as the Director of Operations. In this position he is responsible for expanding the company’s operational performance to provide market-ready Earth observation solutions to a global customer base.

Dr. Michael Riffler, Head of Research & Innovation

Michael is a meteorologist by training and holds a PhD in remote sensing from the University of Bern. He has more than 10 years of professional experience in creating operational solutions based on Earth observation data for both private business and scientific applications. Working in forecasting and in research projects in Switzerland and in Canada, Michael has always combined the academic and the applied spirit in his professional activities. He is a passionate data scientist always eager to overcome technical challenges with creative and pragmatic solutions.

As the leader of the Research & Innovation department of GeoVille he is responsible for the scientific designs of the projects and the strategic orientation of new developments.  With his team he is exploring, realizing and implementing new approaches in managing data analytics.

DI (FH) Christian Schleicher M.Sc. (GIS), Head of Operations

Christian is a cartographer with 16 years professional experience in managing Earth observation and GIS data production and application projects in the private business. He holds a Dipl. Ing. of the University of Applied Science in Munich and a Master of Geographic Information System from the University of Salzburg. Christian has strong expertise in coordination of international and multidisciplinary projects with private and public customers.

As the head of GeoVille’s Copernicus Department, he is responsible for the coordination of dedicated staff, the strategic planning of activities and optimisation of production processes. By working closely with GeoVille’s customers and partners, he ensures the satisfactory implementation and delivery of products and services.


Dr. Wolfgang Kapferer, Head of IT Services

Wolfgang is a passionate Astrophysicist and holds a PhD from the University of Innsbruck, Austria. Wolfgang has many years of experience in research, software development and project management. He has profound knowledge and more than 15 years working experience in the field of information technology, especially in software design and development, data management, cloud-based and high-performance computing processing.

At GeoVille he is Head of IT Services and is responsible for the coordination of IT department and all related services, as well as cloud-based processing systems, data management and integration, implementation and operations of cloud-based processing chains and automated processing.

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