Who we are

GeoVille is a private sector enterprise, founded by Dr. Christian Hoffmann in 1998, with the vision to remap the unknowns of human activities around the world. The company is registered as a limited liability company (GmbH) under Austrian law. During its operational period, GeoVille has established a broad international client base and successfully participated in more than 470 national and international projects. GeoVille is dedicated to providing a wide range of value-added services for Earth observation data and GIS applications.

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Staying on top

Since its foundation, GeoVille has allocated substantial resources to research and development to drive innovation in the frame of national and international scientific activities. GeoVille will continue to develop ground-breaking solutions and products from Earth observation data and to provide meaningful insights for its clients.

Holding Structure



Earth Streamer offers services to tackle the big-data challenges of digital platforms – significantly reducing the sizes of digital-archives and overcoming limitations of network bandwidth to exchange data. Earth Streamer is kicking-off a new era of serving big Earth observation data between high-performance computing infrastructures, servers and end-user devices.

For more information, visit: earthstreamer.com



GEO4A develops information technology services for companies in the Agribusiness based on satellite data and offers near real-time insights on parcels, crops and regions to support decision making.

For more information, visit: www.geo4a.com




MapOrbit develops and operates information technology services based on satellite data to fit customers’ needs around the globe. MapOrbit’s vision is to contribute to more efficient geospatial Monitoring and Evaluation of policies, programmes, or projects.

For more information, visit: maporbit.com




Together with internal and external experts from a cooperation network, the Earth Observation Data Center (EODC) is closing the gap between research and practice to drive the operational use of EO data. EODC offers EO-tailored IT infrastructure and tools for the scientific, public and private sector. GeoVille is shareholder of the Earth Observation Data Centre (EODC, www.eodc.eu), Austria.

For more information, visit: eodc.eu


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