Monitoring environmental,
economic and social change

Dynamic Monitoring Services

GeoVille offers a specialised set of high-quality dynamic geo-products for user-driven monitoring applications. Through the portal, GeoVille provides a unique solution for monitoring your area of interest in high spatial resolution and dense time intervals.

The portal addresses all observable habitats, ecosystems and related change processes on the Earth’s land and coastal areas, such as urbanisation, infrastructure development, deforestation, agricultural intensification, land abandonment, water resource use, natural hazards and climate change impacts.

Your advantages


Rapidly increasing satellite observation capacities create new opportunities for affordable, user-driven monitoring applications. Continuous monitoring provides detailed insights into historic developments and ongoing processes, situational awareness and robust baselines for decision-making and forecasting.

GeoVille’s fully-automatic, dynamic, land-monitoring services are based on highly-advanced processing technologies and are available as a direct service on or as B2B API services, possible to integrate into client workflows or business solutions. We enable continuous information feeds to web-based Land Information Systems (LIS), geoportals, platforms or any analytical IT systems.


  • Petabyte earth data
  • Supercomputing power
  • Deep learning analytics
  • Fully automated
  • Sector specific
  • Simple to use
  • Flexible license models
  • Standalone portal or API for integration

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