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ICT & Transport

ICT and Transport are crucial drivers of economic and social development. Communication and transport networks connect people to jobs, education and markets, and enable the circulation of goods and services. Expansion and upgrading of such networks improves connectivity and competitiveness of society.

Satellite Earth observation data offer a fundamental information source to plan, operate and manage communication and infrastructure networks and to gain insights into the demand that drives future expansion.

Our clients:

  • Public bodies
  • Planning departments
  • Engineering
  • Telecom providers
  • Transport and logistics
  • IT companies

We deliver ...

  • baseline studies to support transport networks and ICT planning
  • implementation of project monitoring and geo-spatial inventory data
  • land cover/land use based clutter data for radio communication network planning and analysis
  • road and railway network analysis to optimise route planning, fleet management and monitoring of environmental conditions
  • detection and monitoring of hazard-prone transport and ICT facilities, including vulnerability assessment and required prevention and mitigation measures
  • road accessibility and mobility studies

Information Products

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Urban transport demand potential


Assessment of the global market potential along criteria of socio-demographic development, transport infrastructure, mobility, topography, points of interest and land use.


Citizen engagement platform


The smarticipate platform makes open data available to citizens in an understandable format. Through the platform, users will be able to see proposed urban planning changes on a map of their city.


Winter road maintenance


Service aiming to support the execution of winter road maintenance and to provide an effective assistance to the drivers involved in these activities. The service isenabled by a robust and accurate real-time positioning of the vehicles and by road geometry information.

Satellite-based maps

  • Clutter radio network planning data
  • Transport network mapping
  • Transport corridor monitoring
  • Natural hazard monitoring
  • Asset and exposure mapping


Spatial analytical products

  • Transect analysis-surface profiles
  • Line of sight
  • Least cost path / Network analysis
  • Transport infrastructure maintenance information support
  • Demand analysis
  • Site potential
  • Public transport planning support


Modelled products

  • Transport corridor impact
  • Population distribution on building block level (day and night)
  • Subsidence monitoring

Success Story

5G network

Highly automated solution for the production of clutter land cover and land use mapping data from satellite imagery to support network planning.

2016, Austria

Rapidly growing demand for wireless network services requires continuous, accurate wireless system redesign and planning. GeoVille offers a highly automated solution for the production of clutter land cover and land use mapping data from satellite imagery to support network planning.

In 2017, GeoVille was commissioned to produce clutter data for T-Mobile Austria at the national scale and surrounding border zones for the 2016 reference year. The clutter data was produced for a target area of 84,000 km2 with 11 classes at 20m resolution and an additional 30,000km² in neighbouring countries. Our production workflow and capacity allowed us to deliver this request within a short period of time and with an accuracy and precision that passed the strict quality inspections at T-Mobile.

„We recently switched to GeoVille as a provider of hiqh quality clutter data for 5G coverage planning analysis. We have been very impressed about the short time realization, quality and up-to-dateness of applied data which even more enhanced our customer satisfaction.”

Roman Risavy, T-Mobile Austria


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