GeoVille consists of a highly qualified team of engineers and experts which has successfully implemented projects in more than 465 projects world-wide.

Production Capacity

Appropriate management procedures are in place allowing for efficient production planning, human resource allocation and strict quality control. GeoVille has readily scalable production capacities to match with any required production task and automatically deliver on time and at exactly the client-specified quality levels.

IT Capacity



GeoVille’s facilities and resources at hand offer a large in-house storage capacity, a high performance, multi-cluster computing deck, high-speed fibre optics Internet connection, high performance Workstation PCs and notebooks, including commercial and customised software for specialised EO data processing, Geographic Information System analysis, editorial and graphical work as well as production of digital promotion media.



The leading EO research institutes and service providers of Austria have united to found the Earth Observation Data Centre (EODC, The EODC operates a computing infrastructure for coping with the enormous data volumes of the upcoming Sentinel satellites and allows satellite data pre-processing and automated service delivery on national to global scales. Specifically, the EODC has a 20.000 chip supercomputer and PetaByte Storage infrastructure directly connected to the Austrian ESA Ground Collaborative Center. GeoVille is a shareholder of EODC and builds upon the investments to provide commercial services based on Sentinel data streams.

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