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Land Cover Mapping and Monitoring

Earth observation-based land cover mapping and monitoring is a key component of GeoVille's capacity. GeoVille is a leading company in the provision of Earth-observation-derived land monitoring products and services. In this field, it has a longstanding proven track-record ranging from very high-resolution mapping (up to 30cm) to global scale monitoring applications.

Satellite image analysis and mapping

GeoVille developed, a fully-automated land monitoring system built on multi-mission satellite data streams fulfilling multi-user application requirements. GeoVille provides easy access to consistent, harmonised and quality-controlled land information on global scale, readily available for management and reporting requirements.

Airborne image feature detection

Digital orthophotos provide an excellent resource for highly detailed and accurate mapping of land features. GeoVille has an award-winning object-oriented classification approach to extract user-tailored information from orthophotos and UAV imagery, such as buildings, traffic infrastructure, or energy-related facilities.

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