Management and Consultancy

Efficient project management and targeted consultancy becomes increasingly important to the successful implementation of technical solutions, especially in a rapidly developing field such as satellite Earth observation and GIS.

Our team exhibits comprehensive expertise in both realising projects and liaising with clients. Based on our global experience and up-to-date, cutting-edge know-how, we are able to consolidate user expectations and match them exactly with economically and technically feasible solutions.

Requirements analysis

Correct and profound understanding of user requirements is the best guarantee for clients satisfaction. At GeoVille, we have the skills and experience to consolidate and analyse user requirements from diverse market sectors and translate them into functional planning as well as data management and presentation schemes.

For every project, we build up a team of the best-qualified individuals stemming from our staff or external expert consultants. Before starting a project, we offer an independent analysis to find out which data and/or software – from which vendor – is best suited for the requirement in question.

Project definition and supervision

GeoVille has successfully led and participated in numerous national and international projects, displaying the company’s competence in project definition and supervision. Tasks encompass logical and concise planning and structuring of project workflows, staffing, close cooperation with clients, appropriate agreements and consultations with clients and project partners as well as the scheduled and systematic realisation of the project, following ISO quality management rules and international project management standards.

Satellite Earth observation studies

The understanding of satellite Earth observation technology is an essential prerequisite for finding the right solution for any client application.

GeoVille has participated in a number of Earth Observation studies evaluating potentials and benefits for issues such as sustainable development, impact assessment and sector-specific solutions. The resulting comprehensive knowledge and experience enables GeoVille’s experts to consult clients and suggest the appropriate procedure for deriving exactly the information and products they need.

Marketing and promotion

Our marketing and promotion department has a longstanding heritage in the dissemination and outreach of EO/GIS services to a wide range of audiences. GeoVille has thorough experience in communication of technical content to non-technical users and groups through various media. Our team is qualified in the design and production of commercial websites and professional communication and promotion material, including journal articles, media reports, educational DVDs, promotional movies, and trade fair booths. Furthermore, the department supports all capacity building and training activities with background materials or fact sheets for technical experts and high-profile decision-makers on the executive management and political levels.

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