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Energy & Infrastructure

Global demand for energy and infrastructures is increasing rapidly due to economic and population growth. New challenges are created by the need to fulfil the societal demand for energy and mobility, the necessity to reduce emissions and pollutants, and obligations to comply with environmental regulations.

Satellite Earth observation is a highly cost-effective means for the assessment of energy demand and renewable energy potential, monitoring of infrastructure development, environmental impact assessment and the identification of risks to infrastructural assets.

Our clients:

  • Oil & gas industry
  • Engineering companies
  • Governments
  • Agencies

We deliver …

  • baseline inventories for  site suitability studies
  • continuous mapping and monitoring of critical infrastructures across multi-site projects
  • continuous monitoring to detect encroachment events, including intentional damage to infrastructure or a threat to staff safety
  • assessments and monitoring of environmental impacts related to energy exploration, extraction, transportation and consumption
  • assessments of key infrastructure changes and construction developments
  • detection and monitoring of hazard-prone locations, including vulnerability assessment
  • detection and quantification of renewable energy potentials
  • continuous monitoring of wetlands

Information Products

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Albania | Shkodra

Exposure mapping

Albania | Shkodra

Earth observation based flood-risk and vulnerability hotspot identification in Albanian flood plains. Such information support disaster risk assessment and management and increases resilience.

Saudi Arabia | Ghawar

Movement and shift of oil-rig activity

Saudi Arabia | Ghawar

Earth observation based monitoring of oil rig assessments and related logistical activities. Such information support the customer to assess the increase in oil field activity in the Ghawar oil field in Saudi Arabia.


Renewable energy potential


The web application provides a single entry point for the assessment of potentials from four different renewable energy sources (solar, wind, biomass and geothermal).

Satellite-based maps

  • Infrastructure asset monitoring
  • Pipeline monitoring
  • Water infrastructure monitoring
  • Oil spill detection and monitoring
  • Construction site monitoring


Spatial analytical products

  • Renewable Energy Potential
  • Oil spill sensitivity and impact
  • Critical infrastructure status monitoring
  • Natural Hazard studies
  • Environmental impact assessment


Modelled products

  • Seismic Coupling Risk
  • Energy Exploration Potential
  • Renewable Energy Quantification

Success Story

impact assessment

Support environmental impact assessment and to provide guidance to minimize ecological impacts and to value ecosystem services in the region

2015, Scotland - Shetland Islands

The Sullom Voe region on the Shetland Islands is a designated Special Area of Conservation and the location of the biggest oil and gas terminal in Europe – the Sullom Voe Terminal. To safeguard the surrounding environment, British Petrol (BP) commissioned GeoVille in 2015 with a monitoring of the Sullom Voe Terminal.

The aim of the project was to support environmental impact assessment and to provide guidance to minimize ecological impacts and to value ecosystem services in the region. GeoVille provided a detailed very high-resolution land cover and land use classification for the Sullom Voe Terminal area for two reference years. The results were used to identify valuable ecosystem services at Sullom Voe, recognize ecosystem service dependencies and the impact caused by the terminal operations.

The ecosystem service monitoring system resulted in increased material cost savings and may lead to new revenue streams arising from new market-based mechanisms like carbon, biodiversity and other payments for ecosystem services.

"The study “opened eyes” within BP to the huge benefits that the use of Earth observation and geospatial data brings to oil and gas operations through the entire project lifecycle from pre-acquisition to full operations and decommissioning.”

Peter Collinson, British Petrol (BP)


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