Our Mission

Our mission is to provide turnkey geospatial intelligence solutions enabling efficient client operations and management. We aim at optimising the value of our spatial insights, thereby generating benefits and advances for our clients through reliable information.

At GeoVille, we know that success in the rapidly advancing field of remote sensing requires appropriate technical infrastructure and a profound understanding of the relationship between client demands, fields of application, and available technology — that is exactly what we have to offer.


  • understand today’s and tomorrow’s client geo-information requirements
  • put client satisfaction at the centre of attention thereby attaining leadership in “end-to-end” geo-spatial applications
  • meet requirements with “excellent value for money” geo-information services, products and solutions
  • supply affordable and quality controlled geo-information with known levels of precision
  • stand at the forefront of remote sensing, GIS and ancillary information integration into high-end applications and client workflows


GeoVille is continuously looking for partnerships to create new businesses and to develop new innovations in the sectors  we operate.  We are open for developing new partnerships to increase your and our businesses.

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