Wall-to-wall land monitoring system for Turkey

We are delighted to announce that the European Union External Action (EuropeAid) contracted GeoVille to implement the "Technical Assistance for Developed Analytical Basis for LULUCF Sector" project in Turkey together with its international partners A.E.S.A. and DKM. The objective of the project is to improve the knowledge and capacity to estimate and report greenhouse gas emissions and removals from the LULUCF sector.

Within the project, GeoVille will set-up an EO-based LULUCF monitoring system, that will rely on wall-to-wall spatially explicit mappings for analysing land use, land use changes and forestry activities across the entire territory of Turkey. The system will align with the Kyoto Protocol and UNFCCC requirements with respect to transparency, accuracy, comparability, consistency, completeness as well as spatial identification.

The project kick-off and opening ceremony took place on October 5th in Ankara and was attended by over 150 guests from Turkish ministries, education institutes, EU representatives and the private sector.

The LULUCF sector is a key sector in climate change mitigation efforts. For more information please visit:

Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF)

Wall-to-wall land monitoring system for Turkey

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