Urban Mobility Hackathon in Chișinău

Last week, GeoVille was part of the Urban Mobility Hackathon in Chișinău. The core objective of the Hackathon was to open-up available geospatial data to IT experts, data analysts and urban developers to analyse the city’s development patterns and model new solutions to improve urban mobility.

Participants worked in teams, up to five people, on selected use case and came up with justified solution(s) to the existing mobility problems and constraints. In total, 17 proposals were presented. The ideas included proposals to transfer bus stations to the city’s outskirts, tranship nodes, add dedicated public transport lines or add express transport units between sectors etc. The winning team created an algorithm to improve the trolleybus timetable based on the number of users per hour and day. Further, they proposed a mechanism to exchange available transport units between routes to fill the bus demands in the busiest times of the day.

Basis for the hackathon was the request of UNDP Moldova for Technical Assistance from ESA EO Clinic to support the development of an Urban Mobility Plan in Chișinău, Moldova, in which existing and new options for urban transport will be developed.

We thank all participants and congratulate the winning teams!

UNDP Moldova

ESA EO Clinic



Urban Mobility Hackathon in Chișinău
Intra-city migration patterns for the city of Chișinău during a workday (left) and a weekend day (right).

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