Towards a national land monitoring system for Turkey

GeoVille has conducted a 2-day workshop in Istanbul at TÜBITAK, the largest research organisation of Turkey, to support the national feasibility study for the implementation of an Earth observation based national land monitoring system in Turkey (UASIS).

UASIS shall support Turkish authorities with detailed information on land cover and land use for a wide range of applications in the fields of urban planning, forestry, biodiversity conservation and water resource management. Moreover, UASIS shall efficiently contribute to the Copernicus Land Monitoring Service, including the national production of CORINE Land Cover.

TÜBITAK has awarded GeoVille with a consultancy contract to provide specific expertise in the design and implementation of Earth observation based land monitoring systems, such as the Austrian Land Information System (LISA), and to give insights into recent advances in the Copernicus Land Monitoring Service, the EAGLE data model and INSPIRE. Jürgen Weichselbaum, GeoVille’s Technical Director, has presented the outcomes to the UASIS project team, including leading experts of the TUBITAK BILGEM Informatics and Information Security Research Centre, representatives from several ministries and consultants from US universities.


Land Information System Austria

Towards a national land monitoring system for Turkey

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