The Toll of War: assessing agricultural production losses

GeoVille has provided technical assistance to the World Bank in the framework of the ESA EO4SD - Earth Observation for Sustainable Development initiative, mapping temporal and spatial changes in the land cover of agricultural areas related to the armed conflict in Syria.

The results were included in the World Bank report “The Toll of War: The Economic and Social Consequences of the Conflict in Syria” and have also been published in a separate technical report on the potential of satellite Earth observation to assess agricultural production in areas under conflict. Agriculture is one of the pillars of Syria’s economy and it could be demonstrated that  Earth observation (EO) data is a cost-effective tool and has great potential for assessing agricultural production losses in areas under conflict, in particular as statistics are often not available. For the Syrian Al Eis irrigation scheme it could be shown that half of the area was fallow or abandoned in 2016, compared with the cultivated area extent in 2011.

World Bank Report       ESA EO4SD

The Toll of War: assessing agricultural production losses

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