Team Highlight: Camran Duffy

Camran is a talented trainee at GeoVille, working in the EO Innovation Unit, developing unique approaches to solving the challenges we face. He loves speeding down slopes or riding his bike down mountain trails in the surroundings of Innsbruck, but he is also very passionate about developing accurate vegetation forecasts, using cutting-edge ML algorithms and raw data science from GIS data. Originally from the UK, Camran has now set his roots in the mountains and lives in Innsbruck.

"Joining the GeoVille team through the trainee program was all about starting my career off on the right foot. Having previously worked for a large MNC and Start-Up, I knew I preferred the more approachable and encouraging environment of a Small-Medium sized company. The work that GeoVille pioneers was a hugely attractive feature of my decision, with challenging problems and forward-thinking solutions GeoVille provided the hidden factor I was most looking for in any company, making a genuinely positive impact on the world around me.

As part of the GeoVille team, I feel like this is not only possible but evident in the work we achieve on a daily basis. For example, I am currently working on projects dealing with accurate vegetation forecasts, combining the raw Data Science of GIS specialists with cutting-edge ML algorithms in order to better provide decision-makers with the information they need to handle delicate ecosystems in a safe and sustainable way."

Camran is GeoVille's first trainee, and we are committed to supporting young talents and growing the team in Innsbruck. GeoVille intends to continue to provide opportunities for young professionals to grow and develop within the company.

Team Highlight: Camran Duffy

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