Russia is ready to kick off the FIFA World Cup

In about one month the FIFA World Cup 2018 will start in Russia. In Austria we have had our difficulties to qualify for the tournaments in previous years, that’s why we are used to watch the championships remotely from our homes. This time, however, we might have taken it too literally when we decided to have a closer look on the football stadiums and official venues of the championship with the help of remote sensing.

The European high-resolution satellite Sentinel-2 was originally designed for environmental applications such as the monitoring of agricultural practices or deforestation. Today, however, we want to show how useful the Sentinel satellite is for tracking construction sites – in this case the football stadiums of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. In our first example we observed the construction of the Rostov Arena with a capacity for more than 45.000 people. The time laps of the construction site clearly shows the steady progress and even uncovers the step-by-step completion of the enormous roof construction of the arena situated at the banks of the river Don. The second example takes us further east to the Cosmos Arena in Samara. The project with estimated costs of $320 million was under high supervision due to repeated delays. For a long time, it was even doubtful if the arena will be finished in time. The animation below however shows that a lot of work has been done in the previous months and the construction is finished.

It seems that Russia is ready for the kick off – so let the games begin!

Rostov Arena

Cosmos Samara Stadium



Russia is ready to kick off the FIFA World Cup

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