QuinJunSAT – Improved situational awareness

Disasters have complex and deeply disruptive effects on the livelihoods of the affected people. The conditions after a crisis incident can be extremely chaotic and difficult to grasp for both, the population hit by the event as well as the first responders.

In order to improve the situation for crisis managers and to achieve accurate assessment of damages, GeoVille and its partners from the Austrian Institute of Technology and GeoThings (Taiwan) developed services to improve the management of natural and man-made crisis events. QuinJunSAT improves the capacity of crisis managers before, during and after disaster events through an innovative approach. The QuinJunSAT services automatically integrate satellite and crowdsourced information from volunteers to obtain quick response and accurate assessment information of damages. 

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  • GEOSPACIAL WORLD FORUM in Amsterdam on 4-6 April 2019, Session “Geo4Environment I Post-disaster reconstruction: recovery vs sustainability”
  • EGU General Assembly on 7-12 April 2019, Session “Citizen Science: bridging the science-society-gap by finding emerging environmental issues and empowering citizens”


QuinJunSAT – Improved situational awareness

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