Providing EO-based Climate Resilient solutions for global sustainable development

Climate change is challenging the sustainable development of our planet and puts billions of people at risk. The European Space Agency's new Climate Resilience project is an exciting new initiative which aims to promote Earth Observation data as the best tool to provide decision-makers with decisive information on climate change.

The project goal is to show relevant actors (ESA, IFIs e.g. the World Bank or the Asian Development Bank, Regional Agencies and local users) under which conditions EO-based information can be useful to enhance the current performance of risk assessments for existing and future climate and socioeconomic conditions with the aim to build meaningful and efficient climate resilience. The main focus will be to provide operational solutions that embed EO-based reports (and associated processing chains) into current procedures that are implemented by those actors. The consideration of future climate conditions is key as it allows for planning measures that take into account different risk horizons resulting from a changing climate.

The work will be developed by putting end-users and stakeholders at the centre of the activities. The consortium accounts for extended, proven and outstanding experience in former initiatives within this domain with key representatives of stakeholders. This experience will be used to dig into current user requirements, provide ESA / IFIs with operational solutions that can overcome practical drawbacks, enforce relations with capacity building exercises towards the maximum audience possible (including non-official non-specialized) and to lay the foundations of a long-term sustainable operational architecture that can be exploited by anyone interested (from governmental bodies to individuals) under open data policy.

Providing EO-based Climate Resilient solutions for global sustainable development

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