Production and distribution of Sentinel-2 global mosaic

We are excited to announce that GeoVille, as part of a consortium together with Brockman Consult and Synergise, has been awarded a European Commission contract to build a service for the production and distribution of global Sentinel-2-based mosaics.

The mosaic will be produced as part of the global Land Component of the Copernicus Land Service. Thanks to the fast and responsive production capacity of the solution, the product mosaics will be tailored according to user needs with respect to different spatial (10, 20, and 60m) and temporal (daily, 10-day, monthly, seasonal, yearly) resolutions, file formats (NetCDF, GeoTiff, PNG), or contents (bands, uncertainties). To ensure a continuous distribution of the compositing products, a server archive and a dedicated website server interface will be developed during the project period. While pre-defined mosaics will be available permanently, user-defined products will only be stored for a limited time.

Within the project, GeoVille, with its thematic expertise for land applications, product Quality Assessment, and the experience with service provision in the Copernicus Land Monitoring Service (High Resolution Layers), will help to ensure the quality of the S2GM service results as well as contribute to a continuous process of product improvement.

Production and distribution of Sentinel-2 global mosaic

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