Meet: Matthias Sammer

Matthias recently joined GeoVille in the role of a Project Manager and is currently working on the development of novel EO solutions for agriculture and climate change adaptation. These will help stakeholders to prepare for climate change impacts. Solutions for monitoring land surface temperature (LST) and their integration into climate models will allow analyzing the impacts of future (predicted) land use changes to local population and infrastructure under different warming scenarios.

Matthias is passionate about the Earth Observation market and finding viable use cases with a good product/market fit that actually make a change. He is an advocate of such impactful change to move, grow and excel. Matthias holds the opinion that our society has developed within - and because of - a narrow set of stable parameters. These parameters become increasingly unstable due to climate change. Yet, figuring out eco-friendly and sustainable pathways is not straightforward and requires precise measurements to align our green transition strategies. Remote Sensing has the potential to unlock untapped potential in supporting large parts of the economy transitioning towards circularity.♻️

In his free-time Matthias finds joy in immersing himself in the breathtaking nature of the Tyrolean Alps. Engaging with nature is his passion, and he takes pleasure in various activities such as climbing, hiking, cycling, and running. On most office days, you will spot Matthias in delightful shirts displaying his passions and featuring either Earth Observation designs or cycling motifs.

We are honoured to have Matthias at GeoVille, as his skills and expertise align perfectly with our mission of advancing Earth Observation data to real customer applications.

Meet: Matthias Sammer

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