Meet: Doris Lanzanasto

We are delighted to introduce our new team member Doris Lanzanasto. With experience in event management, including all associated tasks such as organization and planning, support of project partners and accounting, she is a truly valuable addition to the team.

As a crucial communication and coordination interface, Doris serves as a point of contact for our entire team, clients and partner companies. Additionally, Doris is responsible for various tasks related to financial management and controlling, human relations, event and travel organisation and planning. Doris enjoys road biking, ski touring and horse riding in her local surroundings.

GeoVille is one of the leading Earth Observation service providers in Europe. We can be very proud of that and our great team, led by a CEO being renowned for his visionary ideas and tireless commitment. Our working environment is friendly, open and inspring. Many of our employees are international and come from all corners of the world.

Projects that provide information about our environment are more important than ever. My strengths lie in the organization and in dealing with numbers, travel management, and the optimization of related processes. I try to contribute with my experiences and I'm thrilled when suggestions and ideas fall on open ears. I am also happy to be the contact person for a wide variety of issues where there is a pinch.”

We warmly welcome Doris and look forward to the upcoming contributions in maintaining our high standards of professionalism and success.


Meet: Doris Lanzanasto

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