Meet: Christina Hirzinger

We are very pleased to introduce a highly valued person within our GeoVille family - Christina! With an impressive experience within the company, spanning over 10 years in total, Christina has become an integral part of our team, infusing her expertise and charisma into most facets of our company activities. Christina initially began her journey with GeoVille as a freelancer during her master's degree, investing two impactful years. She smoothly transitioned into a full-time role for the next 8 years, working closely with our Commercial Director.

As a Commercial Officer and Bid Manager, Christina works on the proposals and offers that drive the contracts for our company, seamlessly blending the knowledge and expertise from various departments and units. Her ability to combine the threads of our collective capabilities often leads to success.

But that's not all – Christina's talents extend beyond her professional role. She is a true people-person, effortlessly spearheading social activities such as team events, welcoming new team members and sharing her industry insights. Her charm and warmth create an environment where collaboration thrives and ideas flourish.

Christina's profound understanding of our company's history, technology, and services makes her a guiding light. Her journey with us has been nothing short of inspiring, and her contributions continue to shape our continuous innovation.

On the weekends you will find Christina playing volleyball, tennis or in the winter speeding down her hometown slopes. On relaxing evenings she will dive into the world of fantasy with friends, getting creative and finding solutions together. A delightful mix of sports and creativity, reflecting her vibrant spirit and love for both action and imagination.

Here's to many more years of success growth, and team spirit!

Meet: Christina Hirzinger

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