It’s all about potatoes – on-site acceptance test successful

It’s all about potatoes – the on-site acceptance test was successfully carried out as ‘online acceptance test’ for the ESA InCubed EO PLUG-IN activity. The current Covid-19 pandemic changes the way we work, but representatives of ESA, GeoVille, GEO4A and Agrico have successfully tested the first version of a novel potato quality service for the AgroFood industry, in particular the potato sector these days.

Initially planned as an on-site visit to Agrico the team met virtually, showing the full operationality of all actors. Agrico is a powerful, cooperative organisation that breeds new potato varieties, suitable for all vertical markets, and used as input material for – large and small scale - farmers in all different climates, all over the world. Innovation and professionalism are important goals for Agrico. Therefore, Agrico joined the partnership in the belief that its outcome will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of all – public and private - actors in the global potato value chain.

After Kick-off in summer 2018, a team around the Austrian Earth observation and Geoinformation experts of GeoVille (teaming up with EODC, Hermess and HLB) started with an assessment of detailed requirements in the potato value chain. This was followed by an intensive co-creation process with customers to define how a successful business partnership could be developed around a suite of products and services. 

About the project:
EO PLUG-IN is the first activity under ESA’s InCubed programme. And, it is an innovative, fast response system that will answer several critical demands along the AgroFood value chain starting with the booming potato sector in the Netherlands. Issues range from losses during breeding and logistics, control capacities for productions and trading, to development of new markets. EO PLUG-IN will bridge the gap between the Earth observation and potato sector, supporting all public and private actors throughout the entire global potato value chain. It thereby improves their operations and directly impacts several UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It’s all about potatoes – on-site acceptance test successful

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