Introduction of the CURE (Copernicus for Urban Resilience in Europe) Portal

The 6th issue of the CURE (Copernicus for Urban Resilience in Europe) Newsletter introduces the CURE Portal and its components/capabilities as an online tool supporting urban resilience stakeholders.

The newsletter additionally highlights objectives, content and outputs of the 2nd CURE Demonstration Workshop, as well as the future perspectives presenting the CURE potential beyond the end of the project. Also, the main CURE project news during the last project period are described in this issue.

CURE is one of the three projects that were funded from the Horizon 2020 Space call on Copernicus evolution (LC-SPACE-04-EO-2019-2020). It is a joint effort of 10 partners that synergistically exploit Copernicus Core Services to develop an umbrella application for urban resilience (CURE System) based on DIAS (Data and Information Access Services). This System consists of 11 Cross-cutting Applications, evaluated at several European cities, for climate change adaptation/mitigation, energy and economy, as well as healthy cities and social environments.

GeoVille focused on designing and developing the CURE system, setting-up this system as a Service in a cloud environment (DIAS) and on deploying the thematic cross-cutting applications.

You can download the 6th issue of the CURE Newsletter here: http://cure-copernicus.eu/newsletters.html

Access to the CURE Portal: https://portal.cure-copernicus.eu/about


Introduction of the CURE (Copernicus for Urban Resilience in Europe) Portal

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