GeoVille contributes to A BETTER WORLD Vol. 4

An article on the latest outcomes of the EO4SD-Agriculture and Rural Development Cluster has been published in the book “A BETTER WORLD: Actions and commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals Human Development Forum”. The article features first results and demonstrates how EO-derived information measurably enhances the effectiveness of the Multilateral Development Banks technical assistance interventions and financial investments in the agriculture sector. What makes the EO4SD services exceptional is their integration of thematic layers at various spatial and temporal resolutions and scales.

EO4SD-Agriculture and Rural Development Cluster provides Earth Observation (EO)-based services to monitor long-term environmental and land degradation processes and their contributing biophysical factors such as climate, physiology and soil erodibility, as well as anthropogenic causes. Within the EO4SD-Agriculture and Rural Development Cluster innovative EO-derived statistics and indicators in support of the efforts to monitor land degradation evolution and achieve land degradation neutrality are developed and provided to selected Multilateral Development Banks such as the World Bank and the International Fund for Agricultural Development and their client states.

Learn more about it here:

How can Earth Observation support agriculture development in rural areas?




GeoVille contributes to A BETTER WORLD Vol. 4

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