ESA ɸ-lab – first InCubed activity launched

With the successful EO PLUG-IN kick-off meeting on 12th July at ESRIN, Frascati, GeoVille and partners (EODC, Hermess, HLB) are first to start the InCubed programme activities at ESA’s brand new ɸ-lab. EO PLUG-IN will enable a easy access to continuous business intelligence data streams for the AgroFood Industry via machine based technologies, thereby breaking barriers and facilitate global scalability.

Along the AgroFood value chain several critical demands exist for a fast response system that can provide access to Earth Observation (EO) based vertical information solutions. Issues range from e.g. losses during breeding and logistics, control capacities for productions and trading, to development of new markets. EO PLUG-IN will bridge the gap and support AgroFood industries in their growth targets. The design of the EO PLUG-IN system allows self-onboarding and data driven scalability to allow fast, direct access to EO data streams. Thereby, EO PLUG-IN circumvents traditional service models.

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ESA ɸ-lab – first InCubed activity launched
Amanda Regan Head of the ɸ -lab invest office kicking-off EO Plug-In with GeoVille’s Commercial Director Andreas Walli, Project Manager Eva Haas and Software Engineer Philip Krauss.

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