Empowering decision makers in Peru

The EO4SD Water team is just back from Peru after a well-organised and highly interesting Earth observation seminar and training workshop.

The objective of the seminar and workshop week was to 

  • increase the competency of decision makers in understanding the wider context of different satellite systems to support their operational responsibilities
  • provide hands on experience for technical experts to produce, intersect, analyse and integrate EO based information as support for water resource monitoring and management

Earth Observation for Sustainable Development (EO4SD) is an initiative by the European Space Agency (ESA) aiming at meeting longer-term strategic geospatial information needs in individual developing countries as well as international and regional development organisations. A key objective for the EO4SD on water resources management is to support the development of the required human, technical and institutional capacity to empower stakeholders with the ability to utilize the Earth observation data and services in an independent and sustainable manner.

We are thankful to DHI Peru and ANA for the organizational support and for all participants for making this a successful seminar and workshop.

EO4SD Water Resource Management


Empowering decision makers in Peru

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