DUNIA unveiled at GMES & Africa Continental Forum, Sharm El-Sheikh (28.11.2023)

Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt – 28.11.2023 marks the official presentation of Dunia at the GMES & Africa Continental Forum. DUNIA stands as an innovative, all-in-one solution—a user-friendly data-dissemination and robust data-processing platform designed to elevate Earth Observation services for African users, contributing to the continent's sustainable development – dunia.esa.int.

DUNIA unveiling at this prestigious forum underscores its commitment to advancing Earth Observation capabilities within Africa. The platform's user-friendly interface and powerful data-processing capabilities promise to enhance the accessibility and effectiveness of Earth Observation services across the continent.

DUNIA, a project initiated by ESA, is a joint effort led by GeoVille, CS Group, CloudFerro, and the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Its goal is to provide a state-of-the-art cloud environment for utilizing Earth Observation data effectively throughout Africa for expert and non-expert users.

DUNIA unveiled at GMES & Africa Continental Forum, Sharm El-Sheikh (28.11.2023)

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