Copernicus land product on coastal zones

GeoVille is excited to be part of the industrial consortium led by Planetek Italia (Italy), and supported by Telespazio Ibérica (Spain) and Planetek Hellas (Greece) that will implement the Copernicus Coastal Zone products until end of 2020.

The European Environment Agency launched the implementation of the new thematic hotspot product to monitor landscape dynamics in coastal zones. Thereby, the comprehensive coastal zone monitoring solution shall address the complex and dynamic situations found in coastal environments. The new products will cover a 10 km broad coastal fringe of land with a total area of approximately 730 000 km² throughout European territory. In this context a Land Cover/Land Use (LC/LU) status layer for the year 2012, a LC/LU change layer for the years 2012 to 2018 and a LC/LU status map for the year 2018 are planned.

“Due to the complexity of interests, directives and natural dynamics in the coastal zones, the EEA has planned the present activity to be implemented by the contractor in close contact with the national stakeholders over the entire project duration” said Hans Dufourmont, of the EEA.

If you are interested to participate as stakeholder, please get in touch! 

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Copernicus land product on coastal zones

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