Big Data from Space - Vienna 2023

Big Data from Space in Vienna was a great success! Exciting talks covered a wide spectrum of technical, theoretical, and business aspects from Earth Observation specialists around the globe. With a wealth of knowledge shared, it's impossible not to feel excited for the near future. Influential technologies, tools, and resources were beautifully laid out on the roadmap ahead. The collaborative spirit and integration of diverse technologies promise groundbreaking discoveries! Ready and primed for the future of the geospatial industry.

The Vienna Center Austria was an experience on its own. Prepped for the Big Data from Space from floor to ceilling the center was a perfect location. Right from the outside the mood was set for a powerful set of days packed full of knowledge. The keynotes and presentations began as the hall filled and set after set, new approaches to long standing issues, groundbreaking technolodgies and research or in-depth technical discussions on the limitations of our approaches, were presented by a huge range of experts and specialists.

The rich wealth of knowledge spilled out of the presentation hall between breaks spawning new discussions and ideas as colleagues and many new faces found common ground on the desire to push forward the ever gowing field of EO and Big Data. The atmosphere of creativity held strong through the event with technical posters lining the break area to feed new ideas.

GeoVille, presenting Earth-Streamer and Dunia found its booth teaming with questions and insightful discussions about the implications of such technologies and the theorising of use cases. With such great conversations and connections the BiDS event proved to be a great success in reaching out to the EO and Bid Data community, and doing our part to push forward the limitations of our technolodgies in this exciting and still developing space.

Big Data from Space - Vienna 2023

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