Advanced technological tools to support effective environmental crime investigations

EMERITUS is a #HorizonEurope innovation project that aims at aggregating advanced technological tools in a single-entry digital point platform. This is intended to support Law Enforcement Authorities (LEAs) and Border Guards (BGs) in the effective investigation of environmental crime at national and cross-border levels, facilitating collaborative operations and networking in this domain.

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The overall objective of this project is to develop a protocol for the effective investigation of environmental crimes, integrating the use in operations of innovative surveillance and analysis technologies – such as drones, satellite data, virtual sensors, geo-intelligence data, etc. - clustered in a unique digital platform. In order to enable the actual use of such technologies, a complementary training programme will be undertaken during the project to foster the intelligence and investigation capabilities of the authorities responsible for enforcing environmental regulations and prosecuting related crimes, combining theoretical aspects and practical simulations.

EMERITUS is executed by a consortium of 20 partners, including top-level research institutions, industrial companies, security-specialised SMEs, NGOs, LEAs and BGs, from 9 countries (Austria, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Romania, and Moldova) plus 3 affiliated entities. The partners will create an active and innovative ecosystem capable of bringing together expertise in technologies applications for criminal investigation, environmental crimes, satellite data and image elaboration, drones, artificial intelligence (AI), training and co-creation, and operative/field investigation.

GeoVille is leading the project's system design and development, including both front-end and back-end development. Furthermore, GeoVille is responsible for integrating the developed services and participating in training and testing to generate feedback and improvement loops.

Advanced technological tools to support effective environmental crime investigations

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