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Global Experience

GeoVille is an internationally operating company and has successfully participated in more than 350 national and international projects. GeoVille is used to executing multi-scale projects with earth observation data applications and has led or conducted many significant studies for large governmental and institutional organizations in Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

For a full overview of our services and conducted projects please download our

REFERENCE JOURNAL print quality (pdf, 63 MB)

For a quick overview of our services provided, please click on the continent of interest to get a list of sample project references by geographic area.

Search GeoVille´s worldwide projects by selecting the region, country or topic of interest through the drop down menus at the top of the map or search projects by inserting a keyword into the text field below the map window. Keywords could be e.g. gis, flood, agriculture, remote sensing or infrastructure.

The project description will appear in a table at the bottom of the map. For zooming, please use the respective zoom buttons. To reload or to center the map, click on the reload button, designated with arrows.