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For off-the-shelf ready-to-use geodata in Europe and elsewhere please browse the section below. Together with partners and with productions under own investment we have established an impressive quality controlled data and information archive, which is updated on a monthly basis.


GeoVille is official distributor of optical and radar data from satellites such as IKONOS, IRS, LANDSAT or ENVISAT. More »
Our image mosaics cover regions, countries and Europe with contiguous and homogeneous image data. More »
Elevation Models
Elevation models

Our selection of three-dimensional data contains digital terrain models, surface models and building models. More »
Land Cover
Land cover

Land cover and land use maps contain thematic information about the surface types of the terrain. More »
Population data
Population raster data

Refined population distribution information produced via integration of census population data and EO-derived land cover/ land use data . More »
Building Footprint data

Highly flexible and efficient processing chains generate accurate building footprints under low cost - high benefit conditions. More »
Digital reference data 
Digital reference

GeoVille is official distributor and value added reseller of Eurogeographics’ pan-European geographic data sets. More »