Boosting public
decision-making with
satellite Earth observation

Solutions for public administrations

The public sector is confronted with multiple challenges, such as increasing population, climate change, the pace of technological transformation and continuing austerity. This adds to the highly complex context in which the public sector must navigate and for which it strives to provide the most appropriate solutions.

GeoVille enables public authorities to exploit fully the potential of timely and sustainable satellite applications to fulfil legal reporting obligations, improve or create new public services and make more effective policy decisions about their territory. Satellite Earth observation and geospatial information supports the public sector with quantitative and frequently-updated information about observable facts in its field of jurisdiction.


Our clients:

  • Federal ministries of forestry, environment, transport, innovation and technology
  • Regional administrations of forestry and spatial planning
  • Municipalities and town planning institutes
  • Federal institutes and research centres
  • National remote sensing centres

We deliver ...

  • historic and status assessments to provide quantitative facts for the evaluation of new legislative  regulations
  • monitoring and analysis to support national reporting obligations and control agreements and directives
  • monitoring of supply and economic indicators
  • baseline inventories and monitoring studies to support environmental legislation and land management
  • tracking of environmental degradation
  • identification of the impact of natural hazards and climate change
  • area assessments to support a more efficient land (resource) management

Information Products

West Balkan | Albania

CORINE Land Cover Change Mapping

West Balkan | Albania

Implementation of Corine Land Cover 2006 in the West Balkan Countries. The information filled an important gap in the European CLC database bringing comparable information in the West Balkan Countries.

China | Shanghai

Urban monitoring

China | Shanghai

Analyses of the changes of the built-up area for the Shanghai metropolitan area, one of the fastest growing mega-cities worldwide.


Analysing territorial trends


CORINE Land Cover data were combined with socio-economic data to furnish spatial overviews about key aspects of environmental developments and trends within the EU territory.

Success Story

land reserves

2007, Austria

Accurate spatial data and statistics on current land take and available building land reserves have become a public necessity of high political importance, especially in densely built-up areas.

GeoVille has been contracted by the State Government of Tyrol to deliver a full end-to-end service for the monitoring of building land reserves from Earth observation data according to spatial planning laws. Detailed information on building footprints and land cover is combined with cadastral data to obtain statistics on remaining building-land reserves, partly-occupied land and special areas for development. The land cover maps exceed 95% thematic accuracy, have 25m² minimum mapping units for buildings and are analysed through GIS models reflecting legal criteria for building permissions.

"In this project, GeoVille has shown itself to be an extremely competent developer of application-oriented software. The challenge of correlating spatially explicit data sets with complex conditions was mastered excellently. The application is still in use to date."

Manfred Riedl, State Government of Tyrol


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