Production and distribution of Sentinel-2 global mosaic


We are excited to announce that GeoVille, as part of a consortium together with Brockman Consult and Synergise, has been awarded a European Commission contract to build a service for the production and distribution of global Sentinel-2-based mosaics.

EO-based geo-information solutions to support agricultural monitoring


The EO4SD – Agriculture and Rural Development Cluster project supports programs and projects of International Financial Institutions and their local stakeholders in Latin America, Asia and Africa. The aim is to demonstrate benefits of EO-based geo-information products and services to support…

Earth observation and economics


GeoVille discussed the potential of Earth observation for economic analysis during a meeting with representatives from Deutsche Bank Research and Deutsche Asset Management in Frankfurt last week.

Wall-to-wall land monitoring system for Turkey


We are delighted to announce that the European Union External Action (EuropeAid) contracted GeoVille to implement the "Technical Assistance for Developed Analytical Basis for LULUCF Sector" project in Turkey together with its international partners A.E.S.A. and DKM. The objective of the project is…

The Toll of War: assessing agricultural production losses


GeoVille has provided technical assistance to the World Bank in the framework of the ESA EO4SD - Earth Observation for Sustainable Development initiative, mapping temporal and spatial changes in the land cover of agricultural areas related to the armed conflict in Syria.

GeoVille featured in summer eomag: 50th edition


GeoVille has been featured in the summer eomag: 50th edition 2017. The article focusses on GeoVilles expertise in land monitoring for coastal zone and water management.

Extending the Copernicus Local Land Component


We are delighted to announce that the first delivery unit of the Copernicus Natura 2000 Local Land Component containing around 22.000 km2 has been delivered to the European Environmental Agency (EEA).

GeoVille performs conflict damage assessment in the Libyan city of Benghazi


GeoVille generated maps related to damage assessment following the violent conflict, started in May 2014, between parties in Libya. The objective of the assessment is to provide an overview of the level of damage to housing/buildings and public infrastructure that will allow local authorities and…

GeoVille launches LandMonitoring.Earth


GeoVille put together 20 years of experience and launched a new land monitoring system for automatic Land Cover mapping built on Sentinel data streams fulfilling multi-user application requirements.

GeoVille kicks-off the Horizon2020 EO VAS project


Today marks the start of a new project, bringing an even better value to Copernicus data. We are excited about the potential of the "Earth Observation Value Adding Services (EO VAS)" project and the cooperation with Sinergise - a GIS IT company situated in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Forest dependency study presented at World Bank


GeoVille, together with representatives of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) presented their recent efforts to refine existing and develop new diagnostic tools to measure different dimensions of forest dependence at the World Banks Brown Bag Lunch (BBL) at Washington, DC.

Wetland Monitoring for Ramsar in Africa


GeoVille, together with DHI GRAS (Denmark), ITC (Netherlands) and Brockman Consult (Germany) as well as the technical universities in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Vienna (Austria), has been selected by the European Space Agency (ESA) to carry out the GlobWetland Africa Project.

GeoVille implements Copernicus HR Layers


The European Environment Agency (EEA) has recently contracted GeoVille GmbH and its international partners to implement the update of the Copernicus High Resolution Layers (HRLs) Imperviousness, Forest, Grassland, Water/Wetness and Small Woody Features in the frame of the continental component of…

FFG Forum


Christian Hoffmann, CEO of GeoVille delivering a statement on international collaboration at the FFG Forum.

EC Conference on Earth observation


Focus Africa - Water Observation and Information System WOIS. In an effort to promote the Water Observation and Information System (WOIS), Dr. Benjamin Koetz of ESA and Dr. Christian Hoffmann, CEO of GeoVille, hosted a presentation at the conference on Earth Observation for sustainable water…

Copernicus interview with GeoVille´s CEO


The recent issue of the Copernicus Observer features an interview with Christian Hoffmann, CEO of GeoVille GmbH, on GeoVille’s activities within Copernicus, current successes and future prospects.

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