Introducing the DestinE Platform

Introducing the DestinE Platform, the entry point to the Destination Earth initiative of the European Commission. GeoVille is excited to announce the upcoming release of DestinEstreamer, a new service on the DestinE Platform Data Cache.

This innovative addition will significantly enhance the platform's capabilities by providing the highest data compression rates and the fastest data access. DestinEstreamer will be available through Jupyter Notebooks and a dedicated web application, allowing users to quickly scan and access data wihtin the platform and to generate imagery for public outreach. Look out for the launch of DestinEstreamer in the next few weeks!

The DestinE initiative aims to create a digital model of the Earth that will be used to monitor the effects of natural and human activity on our planet, anticipate extreme events, and adapt policies to climate-related challenges. Serco is leading the consortium in charge of implementing the DestinE
platform: an open, flexible, and secure cloud-based computing system that will provide evidence-based decision-making tools, applications, and services.


Introducing the DestinE Platform

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