Fully automated processing chain for building footprints

Last week GeoVille and its partners from FH Kufstein and FH St. Pölten met in Kufstein to complete the project InfraBASE.

InfraBASE offers an automated process that combines highly efficient cloud-based data access and the extraction of Building Footprints from Very High Resolution satellite imagery, with the long-term goal of enabling a more cost-effective production. The aim of InfraBASE is to enable purely machine interaction-based data access and to detect and delineate buidings effectively from VHR data.

The focus of the final meeting was on the discussion of the InfraBASE goals - a fully automated processing chain for building footprint recognition - about the successes of InfraBASE and future potentials.

InfraBase Flyer



Fully automated processing chain for building footprints

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