European land monitoring at its crossroads – opportunities and challenges

On 8 and 9 October, we were hosting a conference on "European land monitoring at its crossroads - opportunities and challenges" in Innsbruck. Even if you hadn't time to personally attend, you can still watch the video of the conference below.

The purpose of the conference was to discuss the current state of the European public, scientific and industrial land monitoring capacities in face of international competition. The conference was designed as a mixture of short presentations and panel discussions. The open framework leveraged on the presence of European Environment Agency, EIONET and NRC experts, decision makers at European level and invited international experts to discuss the challenges of European land monitoring and identify opportunities for future agendas.

Thank you to everyone who attended our conference “European Land Monitoring at its crossroads – opportunities and challenges”. Your participation and contribution was greatly appreciated and helped us provide a valuable event for all.

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European land monitoring at its crossroads – opportunities and challenges
Joseph Aschbacher (ESA), Mauro Facchini (EC DG GROW), Chris Steenmans (EEA) and Georg Willi (Mayor of Innsbruck) watching the welcoming words of Alexander Van der Bellen, the Federal President of the Republic of Austria.

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