Start of the Austrian flagship project GHG-KIT


“GHG-KIT: Keep it traceable” is being developed through a unique cooperation between a multi-disciplinary Austrian industry-science team and international experts. The resulting blueprint for system and service implementation will be a major milestone towards a new national greenhouse gas monitoring…

White Paper Release: Opportunities for Earth Observation and Agricultural Index Insurance


“The Challenges of Index Insurance: Best practices for the Earth Observation Sector”. This special report focuses exclusively on index insurance as a risk management instrument in agriculture and applying satellite data and technologies to enhance existing insurance solutions.

Outstanding performance of GeoVille surface water mapping algorithm


Climate change, increasing population and land use are all rapidly driving the need to improve the knowledge of surface water dynamics. Therefore, a round robin exercise was organized within the ESA funded WorldWater project.

Wetland Management: End-to-end processing of spatial and temporal indicators on wetland status and trends


GlobWetland Africa was initiated by ESA to facilitate the exploitation of satellite observations for the conservation, wise use, and effective management of wetlands in Africa.

The first Global Flood Monitoring Service is operational


The first fully automatic, global, Sentinel-1 based flood identification and monitoring service is operational. A Web application allows users to download the data (all flood product layers, NRT and archives) and receive web push notifications for their specified areas of interest for detected flood…

Synergistically exploiting the Copernicus Core Services. Developing an umbrella cross-cutting application for urban resilience


CURE synergistically exploits the Copernicus Core Services and develops an umbrella cross-cutting application for urban resilience in DIAS (Data and Information Access Services), consisting of 11 individual cross-cutting applications for climate change adaptation/mitigation, energy and economy, as…

Widget-based Managed Agriculture Area Monitoring Service supporting the CAP


GeoVille and its partner EOX GmbH introduce a widget-based Managed Agriculture Area Monitoring Service supporting the CAP Checks by Monitoring and Area Monitoring System.

New Copernicus Land Monitoring Service - Enabling High-Resolution Vegetation Monitoring in Europe


Copernicus Land Monitoring Service: Consortium of GAF, GeoVille and VITO starts High Resolution Layer Vegetated Land Cover Characteristics Project. The European Environment Agency (EEA) recently awarded a contract to a consortium under the lead of GAF with the partners GeoVille and VITO to…

Empowering the new generation of European Land Cover and Land Use information: CLC+ Core to give a further boost to the CLMS


The next step towards implementing the new ground-breaking standard in Copernicus Land Monitoring has been initiated with the kick-off of the CLC+ Core initiative in December 2020.

First fully automated, global Flood Monitoring Service for the Copernicus Emergency Management Service


On 27th November and 2nd December representatives of the Global Flood Monitoring Alliance successfully kicked off the global satellite-based flood monitoring service (GSFM) coordinated by the Joint Research Centre (JRC). The service aims at the development and operation of a fully automatic global,…

Breeders Trust invests in variety recognition using Geo4A satellite technology


Through our subsidiary Geo4A that focuses specifically on services for the agricultural sector GeoVille could built up a strong position in the potato sector in the last two years. A recent success is todays signature of a major contract with the Brussels-based Breeders Trust, which is seen by all…

CLC+ Backbone has officially been kicked off


We are delighted to announce that GeoVille GmbH will play a key role in implementing the new CLC+ Backbone, the new ground-breaking standard in Copernicus Land Monitoring, which has officially been kicked off in February 2020.

It’s all about potatoes – on-site acceptance test successful


It’s all about potatoes – the on-site acceptance test was successfully carried out as ‘online acceptance test’ for the ESA InCubed EO PLUG-IN activity. The current Covid-19 pandemic changes the way we work, but representatives of ESA, GeoVille, GEO4A and Agrico have successfully tested the first…



GeoVille takes the recent situation regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) very seriously and has taken comprehensive precautionary measures. For operational services we maintain proven business continuity plans, including back-office locations and all our staff is technically equipped to work from…

Earth Observation for Agro-Insurance


On 21 and 22 November 23 representatives of global First- and Re-Insurances, ESA and EARSC met at GeoVille in Innsbruck to discuss the challenges and fitting Earth observation solutions for the sector. This is already the second large scale user workshop in the frame of ESA’s Earth Observation Best…

Urban Mobility Hackathon in Chișinău


Last week, GeoVille was part of the Urban Mobility Hackathon in Chișinău. The core objective of the Hackathon was to open-up available geospatial data to IT experts, data analysts and urban developers to analyse the city’s development patterns and model new solutions to improve urban mobility.

Fully automated processing chain for building footprints


Last week GeoVille and its partners from FH Kufstein and FH St. Pölten met in Kufstein to complete the project InfraBASE.

GeoVille joins World Space Alliance


Today GeoVille joined the World Space Alliance (WSA) partnership – a digital market place to help bring satellite data to the market.

Copernicus land product on coastal zones


GeoVille is excited to be part of the industrial consortium led by Planetek Italia (Italy), and supported by Telespazio Ibérica (Spain) and Planetek Hellas (Greece) that will implement the Copernicus Coastal Zone products until end of 2020.

Amazonas wildfires spotted by Sentinel satellites


Often called ‘the lungs of the world’ because it provides 20% of the world's oxygen, the Amazon rainforest has been ablaze for weeks. Copernicus Sentinel satellites have captured images of the billowing smoke from the catastrophic fires, which continue to spread.

Supporting the urban development in Chișinău


Chișinău is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Moldova and the country’s main industrial and commercial centre and transportation hub. While still being the least urbanised European country with over 55% of the population residing in rural areas (as of 2014), particularly Chișinău is…

LULUCF Monitoring and Reporting Systems for Turkey


GeoVille is delighted to announce the final implementation of the Land Use Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) Monitoring and Reporting System for Turkey. The new satellite-based monitoring system eliminates many of the previous shortcomings in the estimation of national Activity Data (AD) and the…

Connecting citizens with satellite imagery


LandSense uncovers the potential of citizen science and Earth observation to improve the way we see, map and understand the world. This week, the LandSense Year 3 Workshop tool place at IIASA in Laxenburg, Austria to discuss the progress of the project as well as to exchange experiences from the…

Living Planet Kids powered by GeoVille!


Last week ESA’s Living Planet Symposium 2019 took place in Milano, Italy. GeoVille sponsored the participation of Innsbruck’s Adolf-Pichler-Platz (APP) high-school kids.

Register now! Agro-insurance consolidation workshop


In the last few years there has been a fast growth in the amount of Earth observation (EO) data acquired from space. New ways to enable its exploitation may offer many opportunities to various industries. To extract the full EO potential for the agro-insurance sector, the European Space Agency (ESA)…

QuinJunSAT live demonstration


This week, the QuinJunSAT consortium partners from GeoVille, The Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) and GeoThings have been meeting at the AIT in Vienna to present the project outcomes to the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG). The meeting provided the opportunity for the invited…

Empowering decision makers in Peru


The EO4SD Water team is just back from Peru after a well-organised and highly interesting Earth observation seminar and training workshop.

View from the Sky - The contribution of EO to the SDGs


This week, GeoVille and its partners UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC), DHI-UNEP and DHI-GRAS are meeting with Marc Paganini at ESA-ESRIN to discuss the latest updates and developments of the ESA-funded “Earth Observation for the Sustainable Development Goals” project.

QuinJunSAT – Improved situational awareness


Disasters have complex and deeply disruptive effects on the livelihoods of the affected people. The conditions after a crisis incident can be extremely chaotic and difficult to grasp for both, the population hit by the event as well as the first responders.

Assessing the impact of hurricane Matthew in Haiti


Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti on October 4, 2016, as a Category 4 hurricane. The combined effects of wind, coastal flooding and rain caused heavy flooding, landslides, and the destruction of a great deal of infrastructure, agricultural crops and natural ecosystems.

New contracts for Copernicus Land Monitoring Services


We are delighted to announce that GeoVille was contracted by the European Environment Agency (EEA) to implement the update of the Copernicus High Resolution Layers (HRLs) Imperviousness and Water & Wetness.

Supporting environmental law enforcement


We are excited to announce that we just kicked off EnviroLENS, a Horizon 2020 project funded by the European Commission which will bring together information derived from satellite monitoring technology along with existing environmental laws and use it as direct evidence for law enforcement.…

New product releases on LandMonitoring.Earth


At the occasion of the ‘European Land Monitoring at its crossroads’ conference held in Innsbruck, Austria, in October, GeoVille has released an update of the LandMonitoring.Earth public portal.

The future of EO: Investigating industrial innovation


Our colleague Dr. Eva Haas has been invited to be part of a roundtable panel discussion at the ESA Earth - Φ-week event on 13th November. The ESA Earth - Φ-week is focusing on EO Open Science and Future EO and is hosted in ESA-ESRIN from the 12-16 November 2018. Aim of the phi-week is among others…

European land monitoring at its crossroads – opportunities and challenges


On 8 and 9 October, we were hosting a conference on "European land monitoring at its crossroads - opportunities and challenges" in Innsbruck. Even if you hadn't time to personally attend, you can still watch the video of the conference below.

I-REACT showcases technological capacities


Last week our colleague Florian Girtler attended a technical meeting for discovering the capabilities of the I-REACT multi hazard tool in Barcelona. I-REACT partners of Meteosim, UNESCO and ISMB where in charge of presenting the available set of tools against disasters during a workshop including…

GeoVille contributes to A BETTER WORLD Vol. 4


An article on the latest outcomes of the EO4SD-Agriculture and Rural Development Cluster has been published in the book “A BETTER WORLD: Actions and commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals Human Development Forum”. The article features first results and demonstrates how EO-derived…

Record drought in Germany spotted by satellites


In the last month, Germany has received only about half of its normal annual rainfall. In many parts of the country the water level in rivers has reached its lowest level in a century and farmers are grappling with poor harvests as a result of higher than normal temperatures combined with a lack of…

ESA ɸ-lab – first InCubed activity launched


With the successful EO PLUG-IN kick-off meeting on 12th July at ESRIN, Frascati, GeoVille and partners (EODC, Hermess, HLB) are first to start the InCubed programme activities at ESA’s brand new ɸ-lab. EO PLUG-IN will enable a easy access to continuous business intelligence data streams for the…

Come visit us at the AGIT EXPO


We are currently attending the AGIT Symposium and EXPO in Salzburg, a platform for dialogue among geospatial minds, creating an informed GeoInformation Society, hoping to contribute to a more just, ethical and sustainable society.

The Alps from space workshop in Innsbruck


This week representatives from public services, science and industry are meeting in Innsbruck to assess opportunities for Earth observation (EO) research and development as well as downstream activities that may be the basis for future investments of the European Space Agency (ESA).

Solutions for ageing populations


Population ageing is a key challenge for all highly developed societies over the coming decades and will have a major impact on the economy. But where exactly do the elderly live? To efficiently target the ageing population, it is of utmost importance to have location-based information on the…

Austrian Space Cooperation Days


We are currently attending the Austrian Space Cooperation Days 2018 (ASCD 2018) in Wiener Neustadt. The ASCDs aim to open up the traditionally national Space Days into a platform for exchange and networking among industries and research institutions of small and medium space countries in Europe.

LULUCF Turkey: 3rd Steering Committee Meeting


GeoVille commences project component 4 activities aimed at the development and implementation of an EU and UNFCCC compliant satellite based monitoring system in support of highly accurate, TACCC compliant annual Activity Data for the LULUCF sector from 1990 until 2015.

Providing EO-based Climate Resilient solutions for global sustainable development


Climate change is challenging the sustainable development of our planet and puts billions of people at risk. The European Space Agency's new Climate Resilience project is an exciting new initiative which aims to promote Earth Observation data as the best tool to provide decision-makers with decisive…

REDD+ Forest and Plantation Mapping in Liberia


In Liberia more that 40% of the land is covered with forest and the country is considered as one of West Africa’s most important carbon sinks and biodiversity hotspots. The Liberian Government recognizes the importance of their natural forest resources and works toward a national REDD+ forest…

Russia is ready to kick off the FIFA World Cup


In about one month the FIFA World Cup 2018 will start in Russia. In Austria we have had our difficulties to qualify for the tournaments in previous years, that’s why we are used to watch the championships remotely from our homes. This time, however, we might have taken it too literally when we…

Contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals


The decreasing cost of satellite data in the past decade, along with the launch of the ESA Sentinel mission, has made Earth observation (EO) and geospatial information more attractive than ever for addressing global challenges like poverty, monitoring environmental changes, and stimulating economic…

Release of Copernicus High Resolution Layers


We are delighted to announce that the new Copernicus High Resolution Layers (HRLs) for the reference year 2015 are now available online via the CLMS portal.

Towards a national land monitoring system for Turkey


GeoVille has conducted a 2-day workshop in Istanbul at TÜBITAK, the largest research organisation of Turkey, to support the national feasibility study for the implementation of an Earth observation based national land monitoring system in Turkey (UASIS).

First, validated Sentinel-2 based land cover map


In order to meet the reporting obligations from international conventions, European directives and national legislations, countries are required to produce up to date, detailed and harmonised information on their land cover and its use, at different scales and for different domains of applications.…

Mapping water bodies from space


The detection and consistent mapping of surface water is a baseline requirement for scientific research, political and economic decision-making. When time series are considered, significant natural and anthropogenic changes and trends in the state of the Earth’s environment can be identified and…

Building Earth observation capacity in Africa


GeoVille and ITC supported by partners from the EO4SD Agriculture cluster held a 5-days capacity building workshop in Marrakech (Morocco) at the Direction Regional de l´Agriculture (DRA) from 12 to 16 March. The aim of the workshop was to inform participants on how the EO4SD services can provide key…

Are European national borders visible from space?


With every expansion of the European Union the relevance of national borders is decreasing. Free movement of persons inside the European Union makes travelling very convenient and in most cases no country borders are perceived. But how do these look from space?

Implementing sustainable wetland monitoring


GeoVille and its partners had a successful technical training workshop in Dakar, Senegal, hosted by SenegalWet and arranged as a side meeting to the Ramsar African Regional Preparatory Meeting. The main objective of the workshop was to present the first official release of the GlobWetland Africa…

Growing global opportunities in the agricultural sector


At the recent Copernicus for Agriculture Industry Workshop held in Brussels on 5 February 2018, GeoVille presented the ‘Growing global opportunities in the agricultural sector' from a European EO industry perspective.

Got a great idea for the LandSense challenge?


As part of the LandSense Consortium, GeoVille is excited to announce the first LandSense Innovation Challenge aimed at boosting further developments in Land Use and Land Cover (LULC) solutions, while bringing citizen science and Earth observation closer together.

Building new businesses on Copernicus' Sentinel data


Free and open access to high temporal and high spatial resolution Copernicus’ Earth observation data is becoming a major game-changer in EO sector, delivering new opportunities as well as new challenges at the same time.

Uncovering Cape Towns water crisis


Cape Town is the first major city in the world that might soon run out of water. Water reserves are at a historical low and the cities water taps are estimated to run dry within 90 days. The historically low dam levels of the city of Cape Town are triggered by three years of unprecedented drought…

Implementing a wetland monitoring capacity


GeoVille and its international partners DHI GRAS and ITC are currently cooperating with national authorities in Uganda to develop and implement a user-friendly wetland monitoring system. The system will provide an operational capacity to generate spatial time series statistical data for…

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2018


We send you best wishes for a well-deserved Christmas break.

Bringing Earth observation into IFAD operations


GeoVille and partners are working closely with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), both at the headquarters in Rome and in the targeted countries, to foster the usage of Earth observation in their operations.

Ongoing Californian wildfires captured from space


California has endured its worst year of wildfires on record - until now more than 1000 ha have burned and thousands of homes and business have been destroyed. This Sentinel-2 satellite image captured on 5th of December gives an insight on this destructive force from space.

Production and distribution of Sentinel-2 global mosaic


We are excited to announce that GeoVille, as part of a consortium together with Brockman Consult and Synergise, has been awarded a European Commission contract to build a service for the production and distribution of global Sentinel-2-based mosaics.

EO-based geo-information solutions to support agricultural monitoring


The EO4SD – Agriculture and Rural Development Cluster project supports programs and projects of International Financial Institutions and their local stakeholders in Latin America, Asia and Africa. The aim is to demonstrate benefits of EO-based geo-information products and services to support…

Earth observation and economics


GeoVille discussed the potential of Earth observation for economic analysis during a meeting with representatives from Deutsche Bank Research and Deutsche Asset Management in Frankfurt last week.

Wall-to-wall land monitoring system for Turkey


We are delighted to announce that the European Union External Action (EuropeAid) contracted GeoVille to implement the "Technical Assistance for Developed Analytical Basis for LULUCF Sector" project in Turkey together with its international partners A.E.S.A. and DKM. The objective of the project is…

The Toll of War: assessing agricultural production losses


GeoVille has provided technical assistance to the World Bank in the framework of the ESA EO4SD - Earth Observation for Sustainable Development initiative, mapping temporal and spatial changes in the land cover of agricultural areas related to the armed conflict in Syria.

GeoVille featured in summer eomag: 50th edition


GeoVille has been featured in the summer eomag: 50th edition 2017. The article focusses on GeoVilles expertise in land monitoring for coastal zone and water management.

Extending the Copernicus Local Land Component


We are delighted to announce that the first delivery unit of the Copernicus Natura 2000 Local Land Component containing around 22.000 km2 has been delivered to the European Environment Agency (EEA).

GeoVille performs conflict damage assessment in the Libyan city of Benghazi


GeoVille generated maps related to damage assessment following the violent conflict, started in May 2014, between parties in Libya. The objective of the assessment is to provide an overview of the level of damage to housing/buildings and public infrastructure that will allow local authorities and…

GeoVille launches LandMonitoring.Earth


GeoVille put together 20 years of experience and launched a new land monitoring system for automatic Land Cover mapping built on Sentinel data streams fulfilling multi-user application requirements.

GeoVille kicks-off the Horizon2020 EO VAS project


Today marks the start of a new project, bringing an even better value to Copernicus data. We are excited about the potential of the "Earth Observation Value Adding Services (EO VAS)" project and the cooperation with Sinergise - a GIS IT company situated in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Forest dependency study presented at World Bank


GeoVille, together with representatives of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) presented their recent efforts to refine existing and develop new diagnostic tools to measure different dimensions of forest dependence at the World Banks Brown Bag Lunch (BBL) at Washington, DC.

Wetland Monitoring for Ramsar in Africa


GeoVille, together with DHI GRAS (Denmark), ITC (Netherlands) and Brockman Consult (Germany) as well as the technical universities in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Vienna (Austria), has been selected by the European Space Agency (ESA) to carry out the GlobWetland Africa Project.

GeoVille implements Copernicus HR Layers


The European Environment Agency (EEA) has recently contracted GeoVille GmbH and its international partners to implement the update of the Copernicus High Resolution Layers (HRLs) Imperviousness, Forest, Grassland, Water/Wetness and Small Woody Features in the frame of the continental component of…

FFG Forum


Christian Hoffmann, CEO of GeoVille delivering a statement on international collaboration at the FFG Forum.

EC Conference on Earth observation


Focus Africa - Water Observation and Information System WOIS. In an effort to promote the Water Observation and Information System (WOIS), Dr. Benjamin Koetz of ESA and Dr. Christian Hoffmann, CEO of GeoVille, hosted a presentation at the conference on Earth Observation for sustainable water…

Copernicus interview with GeoVille´s CEO


The recent issue of the Copernicus Observer features an interview with Christian Hoffmann, CEO of GeoVille GmbH, on GeoVille’s activities within Copernicus, current successes and future prospects.

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