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Urban & Regional Mapping

Assessment of natural and climate change risks - Dakar
Land degradation in dry and sub-humid lands
Identification and spatial assessment of natural hazards, climate change risks and urban development. More »
Spatial analysis of natural hazard and climate change risks
Spatial analysis of natural hazard and climate change risks
Satellite, topographical and multi-level GIS based analysis to generate natural hazards and climate change risk potential maps, … More »
Urban monitoring - Shanghai
Urban monitoring - Shanghai

Analyses on the changes of the built-up area for the Shanghai metropolitan area.
Urban master plans
Master plans

Change analysis based on very high resolution images help to plan new housing developments. More »
Urban change mapping - Belgrade
MOLANDE Belgrade

Mapping of detailed land use types and transport networks for the city of Belgrade.    More »
Urban growth modelling
Urban growth modelling
Urban growth models allow to predict future patterns of urbanisation. More »
Land accounting
Land cover change analyses

Determination of recent land cover / land use and changes thereof are key elements for an improved understanding of the processes and trends in landscape development.   More »