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Quality Management

GeoVille's mission is to offer end-to-end earth observation (EO) solutions with a particular emphasis on providing dedicated geoinformation products tailored to customer needs.At GeoVille, we know that success in the rapidly advancing field of remote sensing requires not only adequate technical infrastructure, but also profound understanding of the relationship between customer demands, fields of application and available technology.

Right from the beginning, GeoVille has established an internal quality management and reporting system. The system is designed to meet the demands of customer needs on local, regional, national and international levels.

Quality management certificate

All processes aim at ensuring that customer requirements are met right from the start of every project. Precision is our profession - We see it as our duty to deliver all geo-information products with a known level of accuracy. The quality management system of GeoVille, which has first been implemented in 1999, is fully compliant with ISO 9001 standards and has been certified in 2010. The ISO 9001 certification has been carried out by Quality Austria - a member of the International Certification Network (IQNet).



Environmental Management

Environmental management certificateAt GeoVille we take our environmental responsibility serious. In order to monitor and permanently reduce our environmental impact we established an environmental management system which is fully compliant to ISO 14000. Our ISO 14000 conform environmental management system was certified by Quality Austria - a member of the International Certification Network (IQNet).




Innovative Technologies

Rapid advancements in technology and new arising requirements ask for the development and adaptation of techniques and methodologies. For this reason GeoVille allocates substantial resources to in-house competence building and training and conducts research in the frame of national and international scientific activities. GeoVille has and will continue to develop and provide ground breaking solutions and products in deriving spatial information from earth observation data.
In 2007 Geoville has received the Definiens GMES Innovation & Research Award 2007 for its innovative and outstanding geo-information products.
Please refer to the GeoVille NEWS section for an update on the latest innovations

GeoVille’s Automatic Earth Observation data processing chain
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Customer satisfaction

Chris Steenmanns Head of Data Access and Management Group; European Environment Agency
“EEA acknowledges with great interest the Definiens/EU/ESA Innovation Award won by its European Topic Centre on Land Use and Spatial Information partner GeoVille. Technology like the one developed and applied by GeoVille will in future certainly help to address bridging the gap between regional, national and European land cover and land use mapping.”


Johannes KanonierGIS Coordinator; Land Vorarlberg
“The automated workflow increases throughput dramatically which means we can properly assess the impact of policies, the sustainability of land consumption, or the rate of land cover change in the light of accurate, up-to-date and reliable data.”


Matthias HatzNetwork Planner; WIMAX Telecom
“WIMAX Telecom requires very high quality clutter maps for its network planning. GeoVille's clutter maps produced with RegioCover have convinced us through an excellent quality-price ratio, their rapid availability and flexibility of coverage.”


Neil McMahonSenior Research Analyst Global Integrated Oils; Sanford C Bernstein
“We sought out a research partner which lead us to GeoVille Information Systems, who are experts in the field of GIS, and more importantly are one of the few companies in the world capable of analyzing subsidence data based on past experience.”


Robert Hoft Environmental Affairs Officer; United Nations Secretariat on the Convention of Biological Diversity
“Since the selection of GeoVille as the contractor commissioned to carry out the analysis, regular contacts have taken place including a visit to the CBD Secretariat. The GeoVille team has thereby taken on board all the suggestions and concerns raised by the CBD Secretariat and provided explanations on the available options for delivering the final products. The CBD Secretariat has been extremely satisfied with the client orientation of the contractor.”


Marco Antonio Gonzales P.Environmental Affairs Officer; Comisión Centroamericana de Ambiente y Desarrollo (CCAD)
“En las reuniones de los usarios del proyecto, en la verificación de campo desarollada en Costa Rica y en el seguimiento que dan a las actividades y acuerdos, se nota la alta responsabilidad y experiencia de las personas de GeoVille. CCAD manifiesta su satisfacción por la atención al usario que brinda GeoVille.”


Dr. Marion Gunreben LBEG; Hannover, Germany
“Responsible for the protection of soils in Lower Saxony, the State Authority for Mining, Energy and Geology (LBEG) looked for a comprehensive land take monitoring service. The products generated by GeoVille through the ESA-GSE Land project fitted our needs but were limited to certain regions. Therefore we decided to order these geo-information products for the entire State as critical input to our soil information system.”