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Product quality control / technical and thematic validation

GeoVille specialises in the quality assessment of digital spatial data. Quality assessments provide users with the evidence that a specific product or service yields useful information with a predictable quality.

Generally there are two different kinds of quality assessment procedures:

  • Verification is carried out in parallel to the production process. It normally provides a qualitative feedback which is meant to improve the data quality. Typical examples of verification are the country visits carried out by GeoVille during the Corine Land Cover production.
  • Validation is performed after the end of production. It is an independent quality control process with the aim to assess the accuracy of the delivered database in quantitative terms. 


Quantitative verification and validation
Product quality Product quality
 Product qualitay table


Different data types created from EO data require different quality control methods. 

  • Vector maps – blind remapping of discrete land cover categories
  • Raster maps – blind point validation of continuous information at selected locations
  • Change maps – spot-based validation of change objects 


Soil sealing (raster map) Urban atlas viewer (vector map) EEA data viewer (CLC changes)
Soil sealing Urban atlas EEA Data
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Quality criteria 

The quality criteria developed by the GMES User Network (GNU) are intended to increase the users' understanding of product quality and product design: 

  • Support the users’ work – integration in users’  procedures 
  • Service orientation – transparent production chain 
  • Reliability – known production method, independent quality control, limitations specified 
  • Applicability – completeness, timeliness, resolution   
  • Sustainability of the data systems – INSPIRE compliant, interoperability, meta data  

Reference projects

GeoVille has a long track record in quality control activities including the development of validation methods and intensive discussions with the user community on quality criteria and accuracy measures.

European level:

  • GSE Land: methodological developments and verification/validation
  • geoland-2: methodological developments and verification/validation
  • GMES Urban Atlas: technical conformity control and being part of the independent expert team carrying out the thematic validation on site of the contractor’s premises
  • GNU: GMES User Network, which also dealt with the identification of appropriate quality measures
  • Soil sealing and High Resolution Layers


National level:

GeoVille was contracted by the Luxembourg Ministry of Environment to draft the updated specifications for the national land use/land cover reference map entitled the Occupation Biophysique du Sol (OBS).