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Population raster data

Refined population distribution information produced via integration of census population data and EO-derived land cover/ land use data. Population information is spatially disaggregated from administrative units (e.g. communes) to actually inhabited residential areas. Population density values are provided on flexible reference units, i.e. for regular grid cells or building blocks as enframed by the digital road network data.

Description Population data on flexible reference units
  • City view: Population distribution for cities and surroundings
    • Regular grid cells (down to 50 m)
    • Building blocks with Tele Atlas road network
  • Country view: Population distribution for provinces and countries
    • Regular grid cells (down to 100 m)
    • Building blocks with Tele Atlas road network
Data basis very high resolution satellite imagery (IKONOS, Quick Bird, SPOT 5), DSM and digital aerial photos
Coverage City view (Vienna; 415 km²)
Country view (Austria; 83.000 km²)
Delivery time One Week

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