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We do the spatial job

We see our mission as to provide turnkey solutions for efficient spatial data management and analysis. By close cooperation with our customers, we aim at optimizing the value of their spatial data and information.

At GeoVille, we know that success in the rapidly advancing field of remote sensing requires not only adequate technical infrastructure, but also profound understanding of the relationship between customer demands, fields of application and available technology — that is exactly what we have to offer.

  • understand today’s and tomorrow’s customer geo-information requirements
  • meet requirements with “excellent value for money” geo-information services, products and solutions
  • supply affordable and quality controlled geo-information with known levels of precision
  • stand at the forefront of remote sensing, GIS and ancillary information integration into high-end applications
  • put customer satisfaction at the centre of attention thereby attaining leadership in “end-to-end” geo-spatial applications


GeoVille does its best to keep its own impact on the environment as low as possible by forcing the use of environmental friendly transport vehicles, energy resources and office material.
GeoVille provides geo-information services and products in various national and international projects with the European Environment Agency, the European Space Agency, and the World Bank.
This services and products provide essential information for the monitoring of the status and the changes of our environment and enable decision makers to act in a most compatible and sustainable way with regard to our resources.