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Geodata production and provision

GeoVille’s main expertise lies within the development of production of custom specified geo-information products from satellite and other remote sensing sources as well as from in-situ (field) sources.
For examples of developed products please refer to the thematic fields of APPLICATIONS.
For readily available geo-information products please refer to the GEODATA section below.

With regard to the distribution of geodata, GeoVille owns the marketing and distribution rights for products of

  • ASTRIUM (SPOT, TerraSAR-X, Pleiades, orthoimages, land clutter data, surface/building models),
  • Euromap (IRS-1C and 1D),
  • Eurimage (GeoEye, Worldview, Quickbird, Landsat, Envisat, ERS, JERS, KVR 1000, etc.),
  • GAF (RapidEye),
  • GEOSYS (terrain/elevation models),
  • Intermap Technologies Corp NEXTMap® products (very high-resolution 3D digital elevation data and geometric images),
  • and Space Imaging (IKONOS).


Together with these partners and with productions under own investment we have established an impressive quality controlled data and information archive, which is updated on a monthly basis.


GeoVille is official distributor of optical and radar data from satellites such as IKONOS, IRS, LANDSAT or ENVISAT. More »

Our image mosaics cover regions, countries and Europe with contiguous and homogeneous image data. More »
Elevation data

Our selection on 3 dimensional data contains digital terrain models, surface models and building models. More »
Land cover

Land cover and land use maps contain thematic information about the surface types of the terrain. More »
Population data

Refined population distribution information produced via integration of census population data and EO-derived land cover/ land use data. More »
Building footprint data

Highly flexible and efficient processing chains generate accurate building footprints under low cost - high benefit conditions. More »