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Kyoto REDD monitoring
Kyoto based REDD Services

Satellite-based applications were developed in the context of Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) monitoring. More »
Forest management and land tenure security
Land Parcel Management

Detailed satellite based assessment of the trends in forest clearing and degradation of land parcels. More »
Automated forest mapping based on orthophotos
Automated forest mapping based on orthophotos

Automated mapping of forest extent based on orthophotos with 0,25m resolution has been conducted for several Austrian States. More »
Visual photointerpretation
Visual photointerpretation

Visual interpretation of very high resolution satellite images and orthophotos to derive forest extent, density, species and age classes. More »
Protection forest mapping
Automated mapping of protection forests

Mapping of protection forests and knee timer with subsequent GIS and terrain analyses. More »
Integration in forest information systems
Integration in forest information systems

Satellite based hotspot mapping of forest parameters in Chile, China, Mexico and Nigeria. More »
European forest map
European forest map

ENVISAT - MERIS full resolution based forest extent to calculate environmental parameters such as forest fragmentation, patchiness and diversity for EU 25. More »
Forest monitoring – Mesoamerican Biological Corridor
Forest monitoring – Mesoamerican Biological Corridor (MBC)

A monitoring system based on medium and high resolution satellite data was established to observe the state of the forests as well as changes therein. More »
Mangrove monitoring – Central America
Mangrove monitoring – Central America

Mangrove forests are an integral part of the coastal environment but are put at risk through intensively operated shrimp farms and agricultural activity in coastal areas. More »
Forest resources mapping

The service exploits high resolution optical multispectral and radar satellite imagery combined with field data for independent forest monitoring and land-use planning. More »
European-wide forest monitoring

Forest monitoring

As part of the COPERNICUS initial operation services, GeoVille is monitoring the European forests. More »
Satellite image platform for forest assessment
Forest assessment
Together with European research and industry partners, GeoVille has developed a satellite image processing platform to provide high resolution forest assessment services. More »
National park forest mapping

Forest mapping

Sustainable satellite based forest monitoring schemes dedicated to tracking deforestation and illegal logging in support of national park management. More »