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Ecosystem monitoring for Biodiversity 2010 target assessment
Ecosystem monitoring for Biodiversity 2010 target assessment

Within the ESA DIVERSITY project extension “Supporting the Convention on Biodiversity” existing global land cover data sets were compared to document global land cover changes since 1992. More »
Renewable energy potential maps - West Balkan Countries
Renewable Energy potential maps for the West Balkan Countries

A simple and efficient tool to obtain first level information about sites suitable for the production of energy from renewable sources. More »
Land degradation in dry and sub-humid lands
Land degradation in dry and sub-humid lands

Man-induced land cover changes are one of the main causes for land degradation in fragile environments. More »
Analysing territorial trends and policy impacts in the field of EU environmental policy
Master plans

Environmental indicators quantify and communicate complex environmental data and tell about the state or quality of the environment. More »
Handbook on geospatial data for damage and loss assessments
Method handbook for the World Bank

Development and implementation of EO and GIS spatial analysis methods for the GFDRR, World Bank. More »
Implementation of CORINE Land Cover production in the West Balkan
Implementation of CLC2006 in the West Balkan

GeoVille was responsible for the administrative and financial management of the implementation of CORINE Land Cover 2006 in the West Balkan Countries. More »
European Topic Centre on Land Use and Spatial Information
European Topic Centre on Land Use and Spatial Information (ETC LUSI)

From 2006 to 2010 GeoVille has been partner in the European Topic Centre on Land Use and Spatial Information (ETC LUSI). More »
EEA framework contract for the provision of data services
European Topic Centre on Land Use and Spatial Information (ETC LUSI)

GeoVille signed a 4-year framework contract with the European Environment Agency for the provision of data services. More »
Habitat impact assessment of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

GeoVille created a comprehensive documentation in map and statistical form of the oil spill disaster following the Deepwater Horizon oilrig explosion. More »
Coastal change mapping in West Africa

State-of-the-art Earth observation (EO) technologies based on high and very high resolution optical multispectral satellite imagery were employed to conduct a comprehensive documentation of 950 km of coastline throughout West Africa . More »
Environmental Atlas of Europe

GeoVille provides content to the Environmental Atlas of Europe, an interactive web-mapping service showcasing communities responding to environmental change across Europe. More »
European Topic Centre for Spatial Information and Assessments

Since 2011 GeoVille is partner in the European Topic Centre for Spatial information and Analysis (ETC SIA), which is supporting the EEA in developing seamless European wide spatial reference data and in analysing these data for environmental issues. More»
EEA State of Environment Report 2010 (SOER 2010)

The European Environment Report - State and Outlook 2010 (SOER 2010) provides a set of assessments of the current state of Europe's environment. More »
EEA – Urban ecosystems messages for 2010
tl_files/thumbs/UE106_Quality of green.jpg

The United Nations declared 2010 to be the International Year of Biodiversity. One of the EEA contributions was the preparation of "10 messages for 2010". More »
EEA technical report on “The territorial dimension of environmental sustainability”

The EEA technical report on “The territorial dimension of environmental sustainability” undertakes an analysis of the environmental dimensions of territorial cohesion and of related EU policies. More »
EEA report “Europe’s ecological backbone: recognising the true value of our mountains”

Europe's mountain areas have social, economic and environmental capital of significance for the entire continent. More »
EO based identification of Small Linear Features


Small linear features play a crucial role in landscape functioning, they serve as natural habitats or bio-corridors (green infrastructure) in intensively used open landscapes and provide important ecosystem services. More »
EEA report “Green infrastructure and territorial cohesion”


GeoVille has contributed to chapter 4 of the report on “monitoring systems for green infrastructure and territorial cohesion” with an analysis of green infrastructure mapping / monitoring tools at urban and landscape level. More »
INBALUD - Integrating nature & biodiversity and land use data


In May 2011, the European Commission adopted an ambitious Biodiversity Strategy which aims to halt the loss of biodiversity in the EU by 2020.  More »
Global climate change indicator

Global soil moisture

The ESA climate change indicator project aims at producing the most complete and most consistent global essential climate variable data records based on long-term satellite data records. More »
Supporting the Convention on Biological Diversity

Vegetation year precipitation change

GeoVille contributes to the work of the Convention on Biological Diversity by assessing biological diversity within the important ecosystem drylands using satellite data. More »
Ecosystem services valuation

Habitat degradation

GeoVille is leading efforts to develop and provide remote sensing products and services to quantify ecosystems worldwide. More »
Supporting integrated water resources management

Integrated water resources management

Support of satellite based assessment and monitoring of water resources in close cooperation with African authorities and experts. More »
Support to International Financial Institutions

Support to IFIS

GeoVille provides Earth Observation technology as a standard method for development and monitoring projects of International Financial Institutions. More »