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Digital reference data 

GeoVille currently distributes four pan-European digital geographic reference data sets by Eurogeographics.


EuroDem Card

Copyright© Eurogeographics

EuroDEM – a digital representation of the ground surface topography of Europe without vegetation of man-made structures (buildings) at 60m resolution. 


EuroBoundaryMap – 1:100 000 scale administrative and statistical regions dataset covering 40 countries. EuroBoundaryMap enables you to geo-reference national as well as Eurostat statistical information.

 Euro regional map

EuroRegionalMap – 1:250 000 scale topography dataset covering 31 countries. The dataset contains seven themes:

  • administrative boundaries,
  • hydrography,
  • transport,
  • settlements,
  • vegetation,
  • named locations
  • miscellaneous(monuments, power lines, towers etc)
 Euro global mapCopyright© Eurogeographics

EuroGlobalMap – 1:1 million scale seamless and harmonised topography dataset covering 32 countries. The database contains the six themes. Each theme contains one or more feature classes:

  • Administrative boundaries 
  • Hydrography 
  • Transport 
  • Settlements 
  • Elevation 
  • Geographical names Product Formats

For more information on these products, please contact our Eurogeographics expert Mr. Mirko Gregor info@geoville.com.