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Building footprint data

Geometry of building footprints are extracted automatically through aerial imagery or very high resolution satellite data optional via integration of surface height data (eg.airborne laserscan or satellite derived). The building footprint are defined as the aerial visible first floor projection at grade to the edge of built area including conditioned and non conditions spaces: living area, decks, garages, porches, etc.). Building footprint data can be provided as a raster based layer or vector based format, optionally with individual building attributes (such as height, footprint area, type etc.)..


tl_files/update_may011/footprint1.png Building footprints (red) extracted from aerial imagery tl_files/update_may011/footprint2.png 3D Building Footprint Layer attributed with building
height and building functionality

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Common applications of building footprint data include

  • building land records
  • noise pollution/control analysis
  • radio network planning
  • visualization
  • web-map display
  • graphical address assignment and navigation


For custom production the costs are largely determined by customer supplied image data, minimum mapping units (=smallest object identified) and mapping accuracies needed. Existing building footprint database:


Building footprint database Austria

  • 50m MMU
  • 98% accuracy
  • Smoothed outlines
  • Available as vector or raster format
Data basis coverage
  • 50cm digital aerial photos and airborne laserscaning, 2005-2009
  • Various country areas of Austria


Optionally, the building footprints can be cartographically corrected to fit with existing geodata (such as Tele Atlas/Tom Tom MultiNet data). Moreover, other infrastructures of interest can be captured as well.



Example of “simple” road map data enriched with GeoVille building footprint and land cover data:

tl_files/update_may011/BuildingFootprints_telatlas1.png tl_files/update_may011/BuildingFootprints_telatlas2.png



Custom production available worldwide, based on 

  • aerial imagery and/or satellite data and 
  • airborne laserscanning and/or stereo-satellite imagery (if available)


Please contact us for pricing